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Business cannot happen without people – we provide the expertise needed to help you successfully combine the two.

Why do you need HR anyway?

When you run a business you need to invest and that costs money. Your employees are probably the largest cost that you have in your business, so they should be your largest investment. When investing you would normally expect a return on that investment. Employees should be an asset but sometimes they can be a liability. Assets need protecting and …. well … if you have a liability you need to know the ‘risk’ it could present to the success of your business or what could be at ‘stake’ if you don’t manage it.

That is why you need HR. We are professionals who can help you manage all of your people assets and your people liabilities, so you just focus on business success.

Employment Law

Employment law applies to all businesses from the moment you employ your first member of staff and need that first Contract of Employment. You can’t escape from it no matter how hard you try, and it continues to apply throughout the employment lifecycle from recruitment to exit. You need to be legally compliant and we can help to ensure you are. Don’t be frightened of it ..just trust us to help you understand it.

Expertise through our Trusted Partners

Experts also need experts so we use a range of trusted experts and expert tools to help our clients when they need them. Experts such as Occupational Health Practitioners, Online HR Administration Software Tools, Employee Engagement Surveys, Outplacement Support, Coaching and Team Building, Culture and Relationship Management, Recruitment Consultants and others so find out more

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The world of work is changing and our working population have different expectations to those ‘back in the days’. Adapting to change is vital, both in business and in the workplace. Attracting, keeping, developing and using the talent you have available within your business and listening to their ideas will reap rewards. Let us work together to create a ‘great place to work’ that is ‘your place to work’.

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Yvonne Devereux

Yvonne Devereux

Consultant HR Director

Yvonne has over 25 years HR experience, building a reputation for sound advice and expert knowledge.


Head of Bone Burying & Barking

Who runs Olyvetree then?

Olyvetree HR was founded in 2014 by Yvonne Devereux… that’s me… on the left (or just above depending on what device you are viewing this page) and just below is my trusted little furry friend Barney who joined us in 2016 as Head of Bone Burying and Barking.

I have worked in HR for over 25 years starting as an HR Administrator based in London for a very well known (well it was then ..) IT company and progressing to senior HR roles in well known, trusted corporate organisations (you can see them on my Linkedin profile).

I know that managing people is not easy (I have done it). I know that interpreting employment law is also very challenging (I know, I studied it and now spend a great deal of my time helping clients interpret it and play fairly and legally). People are unpredictable and every single situation I have dealt with over the years has been different.

That is why I love what I do … no two days are ever the same.

Change is inevitable in everything that we do, our lives, our jobs, our relationships, our family … everything. Plans change too and we just have to learn to adapt, just like businesses do when markets change or circumstances change.

Working with you as your Trusted HR Professional, you will get someone who you can share ideas with and who understands the risks that certain decisions could create. Somebody who can also suggest positive options that help to enhance the working environment, provide development opportunities, engage employees and prevent unnecessary attrition or just somebody who can work with you through good and difficult times and genuinely help and guide you through the minefield of employment legislation so you are able to feel confident to make the decisions you need to for your business.

Call for further information or to arrange a meeting. The first meeting is always completely free of charge and with no obligation.

Words of Wisdom

“One of the greatest discoveries a person makes, one of their great surprises, is to find they can do what they were afraid they couldn’t do.”- Henry Ford
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