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What We Do

Services Provided by Olyvetree HR

“It’s worth getting good advice from the start – prevention is always better
than cure and we believe there is no such thing as a stupid question”

As a business owner, you will need to clearly set out the expectation for any role, and continue to monitor all aspects of development as an employee progresses. You must demonstrate a fair and equal approach, acting within employment law, whilst being sensitive to individual needs and abilities, and balancing them with the needs of your business.

We act as your trusted partner, understanding what steps need to be taken to benefit your business and finding ways to make it happen. This might be recognising an individual who is an asset to the business and identifying ways to incentivise them. Alternatively, it could be managing someone who is hampering progress or ‘bad for the business’, in which case we will advise on how to encourage them to move on, whilst mitigating the risks.
Our services are there to support you throughout the employee lifecycle, see the graphic to the right.

All our services are tailored to your business and budget; we will recommend the best approach to human resource management, in the most cost-effective and low risk way.

This may be a retained professional support package (working as your Consultant HR Director) or for a one-off situation requiring expert knowledge. We respond quickly to any query you may have, offering reassurance and advice is always at hand, no matter how complicated the situation may seem.

Employee Lifecycle


Hire Help with the Hiring Process
Cultivate Managing and Cultivating People
Empower Advice on TUPE, Growth & Change
Performance Managing Performance and Rewards
Fire Help Planning for Staff “Turnover”

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