We are delighted to offer the opportunity to undertake online training

There is a huge variety of topics available, and every course has been designed, approved and certified by professionals and professional bodies. Upon successful completion of a course, individuals receive a personalised certificate demonstrating their competence.
All you need is some time and an internet connection.
These courses are provided through our online training partner Videotile.They are both interactive and fun, tutor led and designed to work at your pace.

An employer (that I know well) lost an employment tribunal claim and the compensation alone was £3000.

The employee had been trained but no records were kept so he successfully argued he wasn’t trained. The employee lied but the Tribunal believed him.

Had the employer kept a training record and was able to show that to the ET, things would have been very different.

All for a course that would have cost them £35.
(of course, the story is much more complicated than this, but in a nutshell, this is what happened and why it happened)

Attending one (or more) courses will not necessarily make you an ‘expert’ in your chosen topic but when combined with other training or used as part of an overall Induction and/or Development Plan, it is really powerful. Some training may even be ‘mandatory’ for certain professions.

Not only will you have acquired new skills, but evidence of training can be essential if defending your actions when something has gone wrong like in the case above.

As an HR Consultant, If I had £1 for every time, I have heard ‘but I wasn’t trained in that’ or ‘I didn’t know because nobody told me’, I would be very ‘well off’.

Even worse are the times when I have supported clients facing an Employment Tribunal claim. When I have asked for the evidence to support their ‘defence’, it is not there. The employer cannot demonstrate that the employee ‘knew they shouldn’t do it’. When that happens, it is unfortunately just too late.

That can be avoided !
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We have selected courses and put them into Bundles for you. You can choose all courses in the Bundle to achieve competitive discounts, or you can select which ones are more relevant for you. There are flexible options to purchase the courses and you can also set up a subscription for all employees to access all your chosen courses as often as they wish for a simple annual fee.
You have a number of options within each Bundle:
Recruitment, resume screening

You can:

1. Buy one course for one candidate
2. Buy a number of courses for one candidate
3. Set up Credit and draw down from that credit for any course for any candidate until the money runs out
4. Buy a subscription which gives you unlimited courses for any number of candidates (based on employee numbers) over a set period of time
5. Mix and match (buy a combination of one or more courses from one or more bundles)

Bundle Categories - Click on each box to find out more about what is included in each Bundle



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This bundle has been designed with your new employee in mind.  It includes everything from basic health and safety awareness to managing stress, and your personal development and gives your new employee an understanding of important workplace topics such as equality and diversity.  It provides a really balanced induction programme for new employees covering a number of topic areas.



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In this bundle we have selected lots of different Health and Safety subjects such as Basic Fire Safety, Display Screen Equipment, Risk Assessment, PPE and many more to choose from that are relevant to your workplace. Remember you do not need to select all of the bundle and can choose whichever courses are of interest to achieve cost savings on blocks of 5 or 10 course subjects booked at the same time.



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This bundle is aimed at the new or newly promoted manager and covers a range of business skills including dealing with Anti Harassment and Bullying, disciplinary procedures, developing good employee relations, managing meetings and even setting objectives to name just a few of the options available. This is a great opportunity for new managers to learn some of the really important basics.



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This bundle brings together the basics of business for anyone who works within a typical business environment. It covers a range of topics also available within other bundles but with more of a focus on business such as Cyber Security, Project Management, Sales Skills, Negotiation and Delegation to name just a few. In just a few bite size minutes, you can learn some basic but useful business tips.

JUST TO LEARN – Bundle 5


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This bundle is a selection of topics which are often great to cover and have knowledge about. You can learn about Emotional Intelligence, Presentation Skills and even a bit about Drug and Alcohol Awareness if that sounds interesting. It is a great way of picking up and putting down a bit of knowledge on subjects you may not ordinarily come into contact with. Again you can do them all to achieve the bundle discount or select those which are more interesting to you for the bulk discounted option.




This bundle as it says, is geared towards the Hospitality Industry and great for those who work in pubs, and restaurants too. You can cover mandatory topics such as Food Hygiene, Allergen Awareness, Basic Legionella Management and Alcohol licencing. If you are the owner of, or work in a licenced premises this bundle if for you. Remember, these courses are all certified by professional bodies and provide proof that you have learned these key subjects to a satisfactory level (of course you do need to pass the course ?).



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This bundle if for those working in the social care sector with Adults. The topics cover elements of Health and Safety in care settings but also give you a really good understanding of topics such as dementia, learning disabilities and safeguarding to name just a few. This bundle could also provide a great Induction Tool for new starters into the Adult Care Profession.



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This bundle is for those working with Children or in Early Years Education. The topics also start from the basics such as Fire and Electrical safety but cover topics such as Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding Children, Nutrition and Hydration, ADHD Awareness and general Learning Disability Awareness. There are more topics in the bundle so have a look through and choose those that are most suited to your child care setting.


To achieve the bonus discounts for bulk purchases or bundle prices, you should purchase directly from HERE or if you want to talk through all of the options available to you just GET IN TOUCH HERE. We are always happy to pull together a selection for you which can be very competitively priced.

Business Skills

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Approved & Certified Online Training

There is a huge variety of topics available and every course has been designed, approved and certified by professionals and professional bodies. Upon successful completion of a course, individuals receive a personalised certificate demonstrating their competence in the chosen subject. The courses are interesting, fun and can be completed anywhere and at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

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Cost Effective Training

They are a great way of providing cost effective training for your business, your managers and your staff whilst demonstrating a real commitment to developing your people and ensuring your business is compliant and safe.

Your staff will have lots of valuable information at their fingertips to support them in their everyday working lives. They also work really well as part of a new employee’s Induction into your business.

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Each course provides an opportunity to go over the learning content as often as required so that every person gets the optimum learning experience.

So read on … and choose a topic to study and if you would like more information on our ‘face-to-face’ management training opportunities, please get in touch by calling 01202 835963 or emailing

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