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“HR and managing people doesn’t need to be a ‘headache’, you can trust us to take the worry away. Remember, most people go to work each day to ‘do a good job”

Employee Obligations

As a business owner, you will need to clearly set out the expectation for any role, and continue to monitor all aspects of development as an employee progresses. You must demonstrate a fair and equal approach, acting within employment law, whilst being sensitive to individual needs and abilities, and balancing them with the needs of your business.

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We are proud to work with businesses of all sizes, and across many industries. If you have just a few employees, we can become your on-call HR support, we’ll be there as-and-when you need us.

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For larger businesses, we will help and develop existing staff, using our extensive knowledge and experience to direct on specific HR matters or projects. See Our Employee Lifecycle here to see how we can give you total HR support to fit your needs.

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Much of our work comes through direct client referrals and recommendations, which is something we are proud of and value very highly.

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What our clients say

I have worked with Yvonne for many years and have found her to be incredibly knowledgeable about HR and Employment Law. She has often found a solution to a particularly difficult problem and one I hadn’t considered.- CD, Ex Colleague, Large organisation based in Hampshire
Yvonne at Olyvetree has helped my business to defend a Tribunal on our own because we could not afford to pay expensive lawyers. It is not something that they would usually do but they have done it to help me out of a very sticky situation and I am extremely grateful.”- MJ, Small company with 15 employees based in Surrey
We have been working with Olyvetree for some time now and they have provided us with a level of expertise that would not be affordable to us if we had to recruit somebody with the knowledge that Yvonne has. It is a great way of buying the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost and she will always help us out no matter what the problem is.- MC, Large company based in Hampshire and Dorset
We asked for help when we found ourselves in a difficult situation with an employee and we didn’t know what to do about it. As we were quite a large company who had never had any HR help, Yvonne and Olyvetree helped us hire an HR Administrator who stayed based in our premises but working very closely with Yvonne. She was able to develop our Administrator’s skills so that we could start to tackle all of the things we didn’t have in place. It worked really well and cost effectively.- PS, Multi-site location with office in London
We had been working with an independent HR company but they started to get really expensive so we were recommended to Olyvetree by one of our clients. We work really closely now and Yvonne helps us with all sorts of issues at a much more affordable rate. We trust her to do the right thing for our business and our people and we really enjoy working with her.- JP, Dorset based company – 80 employees
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