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Employment Tribunal Decisions

‘Reasonable Adjustments’ – What does this really mean?
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Was it fair to sack an employee who refused to take a pay cut?
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Was it fair to sack an employee who was in the pub when off sick?
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Employment Status – Why were UBER drivers classified as Workers and not self employed?
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How can you deal with the accrual of Annual Leave?

For employers who have furloughed their staff, many have accrued a stack of annual leave so how can you deal with this?

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Home working – Some of the basics to know

Many employees now work from home on a regular or permanent basis, so how can we as employers protect them?

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IR35 Illustration
IR35 – What is it and will it effect me?

IR35 is with us, but what is it and do I need to worry about it?

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A harsh reality for some businesses, so how do you ensure you handle it correctly and legally.  

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