Nov 23
Case Study Three Fast growing care business 400+ staff

Case Study Three

This case study is about ‘using the expertise of others to get the right outcome for your client’. This is a brief summary of a case that we dealt with.

This client is not a multi-national organisation with lots of resources at its fingertips. It operates in an incredibly challenging environment where unforeseen cost is a major risk to the business. They treat staff well and fairly and always try to do their best for them. Unfortunately some staff do not always see it that way.

This was quite a sad case that involved an employee who could not work anymore due to medical issues but could not accept that the outcome was likely to end in their employment being terminated and there was a risk of a Disability Discrimination claim.

The client did not have a recognised Trade Union but the employee was a member of a Trade Union so had their support. The client had never dealt with a Trade Union before.

Very few of us are medical experts so when presented with a serious medical condition that stops an employee from doing their job, what do you do about it?

This is the time to call in ‘experts’. At Olyvetree, we have access to some really excellent ‘experts’. In this particular case, we referred this case to our Occupational Health experts who provided the medical expert opinion that allowed us to enter into an ‘open’ and ‘frank’ discussion with the employee’s union rep and reach a ‘settlement’ that worked for everybody.

Ok, so it did involve a financial settlement and the employee’s employment was terminated but the cost and the risk was significantly reduced because we were able to get medical expert advice. It wasn’t a quick solution but it was the right one and allowed the business to focus on the business whilst we sorted the ‘issue’ fairly, with dignity and respect to the employee and a significant reduction in the risk posed to the employer.

So .. ‘getting the right outcome for our clients’ is absolutely key to our being. Long term sick issues in the workplace cost a lot of money and must be dealt with. Pretending it will ‘go away’ is absolutely not a sensible thing to do. There will always be a solution so get in touch if you are struggling to know what do if faced with an employee on long term sick.

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